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  • WAKE


    Wake is a reflection on our states of isolation and heedlessness as we journey through our daily lives with technology. Wake is also an invitation to put our guard down and explore the unfamiliar and the uncontrollable; to broaden our perspective so that we may connect more meaningfully with the important people and elements in our lives.


    What we did: art direction casting Concept development editing filming location permits
  • The Brains & Stomp Records

    The Witch

    The Witch

    The Brains & Stomp Records

    A witch casts a love spell on The Brains, but the spell goes awry…
    The Witch is the second music video we create for The Brains and Stomp Records.

    What we did: art direction casting Concept development filming Music video script-writing
  • The Brains & Stomp Records

    Out In The Dark

    Out In The Dark

    The Brains & Stomp Records

    The official music video created for The Brains’ lead single Out In The Dark.

    What we did: art direction casting Concept development editing filming Music video Research script-writing
  • Moe Clark

    I Am

    I Am

    Moe Clark

    “I Am” is an invocation; a dream of dualities that delves into the depths of ancestry, history and ritual. Originally created as a piece to speak of the role artist plays in exposing or exploiting coercive economies; past, present and future, the piece journeys between the real and the surreal, moving into subconscious layers of self and lineage through the essential element of water.


    What we did: art direction Concept development editing filming Music video
  • Lise Watier

    Baiser Velours Teaser

    Baiser Velours Teaser

    Lise Watier

    A teaser video part of a larger online campaign to highlight the launch of Lise Watier’s new lipstick product, Baiser Velours.

    What we did: art direction casting Concept development editing filming
  • Lise Watier

    Age Control Supreme

    Age Control Supreme

    Lise Watier

    An in-store commercial showcasing Lise Watier’s new anti-aging cream, Age Control Supreme, with tea of Labrador extract.

    What we did: editing filming Research
  • Oracle and Nuance Communications Inc.

    A day in the life

    A day in the life

    Oracle and Nuance Communications Inc.

    A web commercial highlighting Oracle Voice, a mobile assistant for on-the-go sales reps. It uses Nuance speech technology to give you faster access to information, capture your insights on deals as you work, and edit your content – all in a friendly conversation.

    What we did: After Effects motion graphics art direction casting Concept development editing filming location permits Research script-writing sound design and mixing
  • Nuance Communications, Inc.

    Nina Web

    Nina Web

    Nuance Communications, Inc.

    A web commercial highlighting the benefits of Nina Web, a virtual assistant that offers unique and personalized guidance on your website.

    What we did: After Effects motion graphics art direction casting Concept development editing filming location permits Research script-writing
  • Nuance Communications, Inc

    Voice Biometrics

    Voice Biometrics

    Nuance Communications, Inc

    A web commercial highlighting Voice Biometrics, an advanced voice authentication application.

    What we did: After Effects motion graphics casting editing filming location permits script-writing sound design and mixing



We create unique and inspired commercial and corporate videos from the ground up. By combining insightful communication tools with a skilled artistic approach, we succeed in delivering a message that is fresh and effective. Furthermore, by ensuring utmost quality, originality, and support, our clients are provided with work that is uniquely tailored to their needs.

Concept DevelopmentPre-production LogisticsProductionPost-Production
An idea is at the source of any great work. Together, we work to understand your vision and translate it into an original video that most effectively reaches your target audience and your creative and corporate goals. We are very flexible to your creative approach should you require us to write a script or review your own.
The most important step of any project is the organization. We cover all logistical steps leading up to the actual production of your video, including budgeting, scheduling, location permits, casting, catering and styling.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Assembling a production team of knowledgeable and skilled professionals is key. In bringing your project to life, we ensure that industry standards of quality are rigorously upheld with the least amount of stress and confusion for you.

A crucial component to any video is the mastering of rhythm, image, and sound; the final stage of your video. As with all other production steps, we will confidently lead you through the process that will leave you with a completed, polished, and professional video.


Katherine and Emmanuel always demonstrated a high degree of expertise and creativity.  I have been consistently impressed by both their attitude towards their work and their overall performance. They are extremely enthusiastic and dedicated about their work which is infectious. I certainly would recommend them without reservation.

Valérie Martin, Director, Communications & Corporate Marketing, ALDO

We not only filmed a project with Bis Films but developed a whole web campaign of 10 videos. Our delays were extremely tight, but the team was able to cast, record, edit and deliver high quality stories and this, within the allowed budget. We got exactly what we were looking for. Katherine and Emmanuel are very talented, professional, client oriented and efficient. I highly recommend working with them.

Rachel Ladouceur, Senior Product Manager, Makeup Lise Watier

Our experience working with Bis Films was indeed impressive.  Their clear dedication and commitment to each project was evident, and their unbridled passion and creativity shines through in everything they do.  If you have worked with them, you already know.  If you haven’t, keep your eye on them, they’re going places.

Garett Senez, Marketing Garnier Haircare, L’Oréal

Bis Films surpasses expectations while delivering incredible value. Creative, dedicated to quality and attentive to customer requirements, BIS is an excellent choice to create and deliver a turnkey corporate video project. It was a pleasure working with the BIS team, and we look forward to engaging again with BIS on future projects.

Bretislav Beranek, Solutions Marketing Manager, Enterprise Marketing, Nuance Communications, Inc

Bis Films created and delivered a product that was right on brief. They worked very quickly and a fraction of the cost of other agencies with no compromise to the quality of the finished product. We were left with a visually beautiful way of presenting our product story on Molson M.

Karine Paré, Ex Brand Manager Molson Dry™


Katherine Macnaughton


Some of my fondest childhood memories include seeing movies with my dad every Sunday afternoon. The simple pleasure I got from watching the stories unfold on screen would inexplicably stir something in me.

I pursued my fascination with film throughout my Communication Studies degree at Concordia, earning an award for Best Short Film at the YoungCuts Film Festival for my film Camille and the Musical Cherries. Today, I continue to articulate my passion for the field as co-owner of a small but thriving production company. The art of sharing stories and communicating messages inspires all our projects.

As a Director, I have acquired thorough production knowledge and a keen understanding of the rhythm and aesthetics of the moving image, enabling me to lend a distinct vision and voice to our projects. Through Bis Films, I am able to express myself creatively, as well as develop my skills as an entrepreneur. The ability to seize an idea and develop it both creatively and logistically is what I enjoy most. I look forward to any project that allows me to hone these skills.

Katherine Macnaughton


Most children spend their time dreaming up stories and scheming scenarios to entertain friends and family. Some enjoy it so much they make it their career. In 2006, I received a double Bachelor from Concordia University in Communication Studies and Philosophy. During that time, I produced and directed several short films that screened at festivals around the world, including the Montreal World Film Festival in my hometown. It was only after a yearlong trip around the world that I realized a lifelong dream with Katherine and started our own boutique production company.

I have always been intrigued by the power of stories – how they allow us to communicate deep meaning through the apparently simple combination of ideas. To stir emotions in others, to make them dream or entice them to take action, is a great human feat. This is what I strive for through my work.

It takes the utmost effort and organization to successfully bring any project to fruition, regardless of the scale. Bringing together the right people, the strongest ideas, the best resources, while feeding the mix with enthusiasm and foresight are what make me passionate for my role as Producer and Co-Owner at Bis Films.

History of company

Graduates from Communication Studies at Concordia, the idea of opening a boutique production company came to Katherine and Emmanuel while on a yearlong trip around Europe, Northern Africa and India. During their travels, they developed a mutual creative language, fed by their love for film and video. The desire to work independently on projects of their choosing is what lead to the creation of Bis Films in 2008.

Bis, though often mispronounced Biz, is a musical term indicating a passage that needs to be repeated. More relevant to our company, it is synonymous with “twice;” at its core, Bis Films is a loving effort of two.




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